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It is our pride that we fill the demands of our clients under one roof, right from start to finished, checked & verified product. For achieving this goal we have qualified staff, each person very trained and dedicated to his work.

The process starts from the requirements ordered by our clients, which were first discussed thoroughly between the technical experts of both sides and after that we design the computerized drawings according to the measurements defined. Another session of technical personals was carried out upon presentation of that design and than after complete satisfaction of the client we move towards die making process via wire cut machine.

After completion of die it is served to the client along with the samples. This step is repeated until final approval. During the whole process we try our level best to furnish accurate and quality standard result so that the precious time for both sides can be saved.


Designing Equipment

  • Latest core to duo computers, scanner, printer and AUTO CAD Software.
  • CLC - Computerized Laser Wire cut


CAD/CAM Department

  • CNC Wire EDM: 01
  • CNC Punching Turret Machines: 02

Tooling Facility

  • Milling Machine: 01
  • Surface Grinder: 01
  • Shaper 24”: 01
  • Lathe Machines: 02

Machining Section

  • Herbert Turret Lathe: 01
  • Brown & Sharp Auto Lathe: 01
  • Multi Spindle Drill Machine: 02
  • BSA Auto lathe: 01

Welding Section

  • Resistance Welding 10 KVA-50KVA: 02
  • MIG Welding 250-350 amp: 04
  • Arc Welding Machine 400 amp: 01

Production Section (Sheet Metal)

  • Hrdraulic Press 100 ton: 02
  • Hydraulic Press 40 Tons: 01
  • Power Press 40 Tons: 05
  • Power Press 30 Tons: 04
  • Power Press 25 Tons: 03
  • Power Press 15 Tons: 01
  • Power Press 10 Tons: 05
  • Power Press 05 Tons: 01
  • Taping Machine: 03
  • Sharing Machine 10’:01
  • Sharing Machine 4’: 01
  • Drill Machine: 09
  • Broaching machine: 01

Production Section (Plastic Section)

  • Injection Molding Machine: 01
  • Hydraulic Molding Machine: 01


  • Generator 25 KVA: 01
  • Generator 37 KVA: 01



Recently we have launched our own Powder Coating Process Plant to provide fine quality color coating and printing for those clients who want excellent finishing of their products under one roof.



Along with powder coating we have also launched our own galvanizingplant to provide fine quality color coating and printing for those clients who want excellent finishing of their products under one roof.

The most important aspect of our services is the strict quality standards, fine material (as per demand) at competitive costs.

Quality is our success is our motto and we do believe in it and that’s why you will find the most prestigious companies on our client list.



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 Battery Terminal



Battery Terminal

for Corolla 368A

 Bracket for Model



Bracket for Model IMV3


Bracket for Model IMV3



Bracket for Model IMV3

Pipe Seat Mount for CD70 Bike



Pipe Seat Mount for

CD70 Bike


Bracket for Model Corolla 368A



Bracket for Model

Corolla 368A

Pipe Seat Mount for CD70 Bike



Pipe Seat Mount for

CD70 Bike


Adjuster Comp Chain  for CG 125



Adjuster Comp Chain

for CG 125

Bracket Comp. Mounting  672D



Bracket Comp. Mounting

672D Model SB





Metel Bracket Model Euro

Top Bridge Fork



Top Bridge Fork End

Model CD70  Bike


Clamp For Model



Clamp For Model SF

Driver Back for Shehzore



Driver Back for

Shehzore (Dewan)


Motor Fan Cowl



Motor Fan Cowl Siemens

Perforated Duck



Perforated Duck Cover

1100KVA Generator Siemens


Support Bar Generator



Support Bar Generator

1100KVA Siemens




Jump Glass


Recliner Bracket



Recliner Bracket For


Sealed Buzzer



Sealed Buzzer (NRTC)


German Socket for UPS



German Socket for UPS

(Saltec Powerlink)

Clamp for SF SFPP



Clamp for SF SFPP


Plate for



Plate for SF H/B

Terminal Post spring



Perforated Duck Cover 

TerminalPost sprin loaded



 Core for Transformer



Core for Transformer

Saltec Powerlink

 Passenger Back



Passenger Back

Dewan Automotive


 Nut Clip 4mm



Nut Clip 4mm, 5mm

6mm for CD70

 Indicator Rear



Indicator Rear/Front

Brake CD70 & CG125 


 Cap Rear



Cap Rear Fork End 

 Arm Front



Arm Front/Rear

Brake CD70 


 Clamp Model




Clamp Model SB H/B


 Bracket for



Bracket for Model



 Bracket for Model IMV2




Bracket for Model



 Retainer Gear Box



Retainer Gear Box



 Clip 1x100




Clip 1x100 for CD70


 Casing Cover



Casing Cover A for

UPS Saltec Powerlink



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Surface Treatment Section

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Machining Section

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